what we do

What We Do

The Bright Africa Youth Association (BAYA) works to realize its organizational goals through a series of umbrella activity categories, including:

  • Promoting self-supporting employment schemas.
  • Contributing to the efforts made to strengthen good governance, democracy and human rights.
  • Cultural promotion and behavioral change.
  • International capacity building.
  • Reduction of socio-economic problem of youth disabilities.

Specific integrated development activities that help to reduce the problems of the youth in the region include:

  • Skill training programs for many young men and women.
  • Supporting the social economic development programs of the region, in terms of promoting and encouraging the economic creativity of youth.
  • Offering marketable skill training for young girls.
  • Awareness programs on HIV/AIDS, backward or traditional exercises, and health hazards.
  • Facilitating access to loans in cooperation with micro-finance operations.
  • Human rights education (including mass education and peer education on different youth related topics).
  • Job creation activities.
  • Youth club activities.
  • Working to reduce the problem of youth disabilities.
  • Addressing the problems of the disabled by educating society as well as the disabled themselves.