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Vision statement

Working at the household level, we have a vision to reduce youth poverty by at least half in the coming decade, and thereby create a family-oriented, healthy, responsive and productive generation who can lead responsibly.

Mission statement

To protect, preserve, and promote social, political and economic rights of young adults and women through participatory and capacity-building activities aimed at development initiatives and self-supporting schemas. We accomplish this through:

  • Working on the issue of peace, economic development, democracy, human rights and other socio-economic activities at the regional level.
  • Producing research on different youth issues, and offering consulting services (depending on the output of the research).
  • Facilitating groundwork for sharing activities.
  • Working on programs which help to reduce poverty by creating jobs and self supporting schemas.
  • Forming strong partnerships with donors and similar association to upgrade the overall capacity of youth and women through different trainings and workshops.
  • Lobbying the government, the public and other stakeholders to establish youth centers.

Values statement

The following are key values of the Bright Africa Youth Association:

  • The self-esteem and ethical morality of youth are necessary in order for them to be responsible leaders.
  • A strong belief in self-organization through dedicating one's time and knowledge.
  • Equal rights of young men and young women to be participants and beneficiaries of the country's strategic development plan.
  • Active participation of youth in the country's democratic, good governance, and human right endeavors in terms of decision-making activities at all levels.
  • Fair collaboration and cooperation with similar organizations and civic societies.